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The mission

Rogue Stage exists to produce exciting stories in unique and unexpected ways that engage our community.

The beginning

After a decade of creating together throughout Central Florida as actors, directors, writers and producers, four artists decided to establish a professional theatre company in Polk County, with their home base as Lakeland, Florida. Fringe veteran team Thom & Tonya Mesrobian with Mark Hartfield of Orlando Fringe Best in Fest 2016 "Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump," "Callbacks" and "Frankenchrist: The Musical" joined forces with Karissa Barber after her playwrighting debut of "Masterwork." These four decided to create a unique theatre company from their hometown of Lakeland, Florida that launched fall of 2017.

The difference

Fantastic theatre institutions exist through the Central Florida area. Rogue Stage exists to produce original works, one-of-a-kind concepts, and unplugged theatrical experiences for the Polk County community. 


The experience

A barn, a brewery, a field, a warehouse, a favorite eatery. Taking the theatrical into the ordinary. The focus of Rogue Stage is to bring the theatre to the community. Typically people encounter theatre in a space that was designed specifically for that purpose. Rogue Stage aims to turn everyday places into a space where theatre magic can happen.

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