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For two nights in May, the Orlando Fringe Festival was in Lakeland, Florida. Rogue Stage partnered with The Orlando Fringe and LKLD Live to co-present four artists from the fringe circuit performing their shows for a Lakeland crowd.


On May 17th, audiences loved Martin Dockery, winner of over 20 best of Festival awards around the world and named "The best storyteller in the U.S." by the Orlando Sentinel and his hilarious show "You Belong Here". Then they were amazed by Timothy Mooney as he recklessly sliced Shakespeare's classic tale "Julius Caesar" down to one hour AND he played all the roles himself.


On May 23rd, Paul Strickland, a 10 time Best of Fest award winner including the 2019 Orlando Festival, kept the Lakeland crowed in stitches with the tall tales of "90 Lies an Hour" but not before the spellbinding and award-winning Erika Kate MacDonald shared her out of this world adventure story "Evacuated!"

Audience member shared their praise on Facebook, "Fantastic, awesome performances. Amazing theatre!" and "I was transfixed to the point of pure laughter and then to the point of healing tears".

Rogue Stage hopes to make this an annual event!

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