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Among it's many accolades are winner of Best Show at the Orlando Fringe and the Cincinnati Fringe, Best Theatre Award at the Adelaide Fringe and Best Original Work at the Ottawa Fringe. The Winnipeg Free Press says "5 Stars! This elegantly written show turns and turns on itself like a kaleidoscope." And the The Capital Critics Circle in Ottawa says "This play is everything I've ever wanted out of theatre."

This production marks the first time that anyone, anywhere in the world besides Mr. Dockery and Ms. Quesnelle's company Concrete Drops Theatre, have produced one of their works and we at Rogue Stage are thrilled beyond belief to bring this event to Polk County audiences.

"Challenging.... evocative."

"Spellbinding... and poignant."

"Unexpected and hard hitting."

Lakeland Florida's brand new professional theatre company Rogue Stage begins our mission to  produce exciting stories in unique and unexpected ways that engage our community. Our first story is a special one. Written by Martin Dockery, a staple of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Canadian Fringe Circuit and the Orlando Fringe Festival, with dramaturgy by Vanessa Quesnelle, "Moonlight After Midnight" sees love, loss, memory and mystery intertwine when a beautiful woman and a secretive man enact scenes from a relationship in the private theater of a midnight hotel room.


  • Sarah French

  • Thom Mesrobian


  • Mark Hartfield: director

  • Sara Moening: stage manager

  • Cristina Hartfield: costume designer


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