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Current Productions

“Let Me See Your Booty” marks the return of everyone’s favorite pirate rogue, SharkTooth Sam, as it makes it’s world premier at the 33rd Annual Orlando Fringe Festival held May 16th-29th, 2023. The show, written by Thom Mesrobian, is a follow up to last year's Critics’ Choice and Best of the Fest Award-winning, “Be a Pirate”. For this year's show Mesrobian is joined by Fringe favorite Sarah Lockard as first mate Barefoot Billie. Ms. Lockard was also a Critics’ Choice Award winner for best actress at last year’s Fringe in “The Mockingbird News” by Joseph Hayes. The two pirates have gathered to prepare for The Telling of Tall Tales, an annual event where pirates from around the world gather for a competition to tell the wildest and most fantastical tales ever told. The show features several pirate stories and songs written by Mesrobian and allows the audience to give their feedback along the way. "Let Me See Your Booty" was inspired by an interaction that Mesrobian had with a young child during the production of "Be a Pirate”. Seeing Mesrobian's show prompted the child to access his imagination in a new way and Mesrobian used these thoughts of a child's creativity and ability to dream as the basis for the new show. Consequently, as with most of Mesrobian's comedies there is a serious and meaningful message behind the laughter along with a surprising twist at the end. Mesrobian is well known in the Orlando area for his shows produced by his company Rogue Stage. The shows include Fringe hits: “FrankenChrist: The Musical in 2014, “Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump” in 2016, “Callbacks” in 2018, “ Be a Pirate” in 2022 and most recently the live in-concert reading of an original full length musical, “Queen of Swords” co-written with Ben Shepler and produced at Timucua Arts. Tickets for “Let Me Se Your Booty: The Return of SharkTooth Sam” are $15 plus a one time purchase of a Fringe button for $10. Discounts are available for Fringe artists and volunteers. There will be a special $6 admission show on Thursday May 18th at 7:45 PM. 

Past Productions

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Queen Of Swords March 24 & 25 2022

BeAPirate Banner.jpg

Be A Pirate!

Orlando Fringe Festival May 2022


How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

October 26th and 29th 2019

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Tales From The

Orlando Fringe

May 17th & 23rd 2019


July 19th 2018


 May 16-27, 2018.


March 14, 2018


October 27 & 28, 2017

November 2, 2017

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