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"Mesrobian's comic writing is confident and wise..unfailingly humane, genuinely suspenseful and worthy of our this unpredictable, knowing, and finally tender story." 
- Creative Loafing


"Callbacks" was performed at the 2018 International Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival where it received 

critical acclaim and enthusiastic audience response. It was honored with several awards including a selection as one of the "Best of the Fest" from the Orlando Sentinel and Patron's pick with four of the 8 shows being totally sold out. "Callbacks" continues Rogue Stage's successful run at this festival and we hope to return next year!
"Callbacks" tells the story of Mike Rossi and Terry Stein, two aging actors whose careers lead them into the "small world" of theme park acting. Over the course of the years performing the same show over and over, they find the value of friendship and learn that life doesn't have to end in a theme park dressing room,

if they're lucky.
Based on over 11 years of experience as a theme park actor, writer Thom Mesrobian has crafted a knowing and hilarious valentine to actors and anyone who's every wondered what goes on behind the castle doors. Filled with heart, humor and romance, "Callbacks" delivers an inside look at the people who make theme parks some of the happiest places on Earth. 

Thom Mesrobian is from Lakeland and is a veteran of the Orlando Fringe Festival having produced and co-written the critically acclaimed "FrankenChrist: The Musical" in 2014 as well as the 2016 Best Musical winner and patrons pick winner "Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump", a parody of "Hamilton". 

The cast includes Jay T. Becker as Terry Stein, Danny Baynard, former head of Lake Wales Little Theatre and long time fixture of the Polk County arts community, as Mike Rossi and from Orlando professional actress Sarah Lockard as Catie Walsh.The show is directed by Mark Hartfield, former show director at Universal Studios, and co-director of "FrankenChrist: The Musical" and "Simpleton" at the Orlando Fringe festival."Callbacks" features original incidental music composed by Ben Shepler. Costumes are by Cristina Hartfield and production Manager is Tonya Mesrobian. Stage manager is Sarah Moening. 

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